What is Environmentally Friendly Copy Paper?

The Native Forest Network suggests that there are four kinds of paper to be considered for use:
1. One hundred percent post-consumer waste paper – or as near as possible;
2. Paper sourced from alternative fibres – such as hemp, kenaf, bagasse, wheatstraw, rice straw, etc;
3. Paper that has minimal pulp and papermaking emissions – and does not use chlorine bleaching and is manufactured in a closed loop system (ie, full effluent recycling);
4. Paper sourced from ecologically managed eucalypt or pine plantations.

What’s the best Recycled Paper to Use?
The best recycled paper for office-type use is not made in Australia. This situation is not bound to change until consumer demand compels Australian paper makers to stop sourcing their pulp from native forests and stop chlorine bleaching it, as well as embrace the necessity of making paper from post-consumer waste.The best recycled papers are made exclusively from post-consumer waste – yet maintain the high standards necessary for quality photocopying and laser printing. This means that they are not excessively dusty, don’t leave residues, and don’t curl or distort excessively due to heat or pressure, etc.