The potentials of going freelance are vast. You have control of your own business, you can choose your working hours and grow your own clientele. The freedom itself is a reward for many. So, what’s stopping you?

The fear and doubt of the unknown is a factor that scares many to take the leap towards freelancing, however the benefits can greatly outweigh the risks, if you play to your strength. We’ll show you why freelancing might just be the solution for you.

 1. Create your own security

Freelancing doesn’t necessarily mean you lose your security, but rather gain a different kind of security. Being able to make your own rules and rights, you enable yourself to gain back your work values. For instance, New York recently placed a a protection law for both freelancers and independent contractors with the slogan ‘Freelance Isn’t Free‘. That’s a proposition we can all get behind.

 2. Know your value

When starting off, freelancers might have to be a bit more lenient with their prices. However, it’s important to look at industry standards. Your prices shouldn’t reflect your work choices, only the quality of your work, and your clients need to know that.

 3. Networking is key

Regardless of your business type, networking is the golden key to gaining new clients and contacts. You don’t have to be an expert networker, try attending local gatherings, coffee meet-ups and any other advertising opportunities, online and offline, that will give your business exposure.

 4. Embrace it’s unpredictability

Most people will tell you that going freelance is a rewarding, but unpredictable business choice at best. You might never know for sure when work will come in, with periodically hectic and slow periods. The key to stay organised and plan ahead, particularly with your budgeting. Take advantage of the slow periods to learn new skills or practice your networking.

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