Why use Google Plus?

Google Plus, also known as Google+, is an important networking and business tool. While it has suffered its share of criticisms as a social media platform with strategists declaring it dead, however it continues to influence the social space of individuals and businesses. While it might be underestimated by some businesses, there is no reason not to become a Google+ member.

The full package

Google has a wide range of resources and tools to help you increase your online awareness. You might already be using some of their services already (think YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts), but with a Google+ account, you can connect your business profile across all of these platforms, ultimately extending your reach to new and potential customers.

It boosts your SEO

Remember that important thing called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Well, Google+ helps to boost your SEO. Being a Google based service, their search engine is naturally going to encourage Google related service platforms. Fill out your Google+ Local Page and Google+ Business Page to increase location-based searches. However, be patient. Your SEO takes time to kick in, especially if you have a new website up and running.

Take advantage of reviews

Users are easily influenced by customer reviews, taking it into account when deciding on whether to purchase a product or not. Google lets customers not only find our business on their search engine, but also lets them leave a review. Be proactive and encourage your customers to leave a positive review, perhaps even offering an incentive for doing so.

Google loves visuals

Google loves visuals, including images, maps and videos. Use Google+ as a sharing platform for business-related content. Whether it be a blog post with a capturing feature photo, an instructional video or an infographic. These visuals will also benefit your overall SEO, helping users engage with your business.


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