A brand is not just a logo. It encompasses everything your audience sees, hears, touches, tastes and thinks about your product or business.

In Rooland, everything happens by design.

From our first point of contact with you, we are focused on drawing out the design DNA of your individual story.
This process is dynamic and often nonlinear, but charged with energy and possibilities that are influenced by both client
and designer.

We walk with you along the tightrope bridging conceptual creativity with realistic, relevant result.

Our team harnesses our collective experience and expertise to unearth the insights needed to take you on
a design journey that will set your brand apart from competitors. We take the time to explore the essence of your brand,
its personality and tone, the style cues and where you want to be in the medium to long-term.

This information is layered with key audience insights, design know-how and a competitor analysis to create
the perfect brand equation.

The destination? A visual identity and associated design elements with impact, versatility, relevance and longevity.

INFOGRAPHIC depicting the process through which clients go through with Rooland

The environment is very important to Rooland Design, in everything we do. We encourage our clients to be
open to innovative solutions in the design process.