The age of video marketing has well and truly arrived, and it’s not going anywhere. Consider this – Over 500 million (half a BILLION) people watch videos on Facebook each day, with the same amount of hours spent on people watching videos on Youtube! It’s clear that online video use is tremendous from a consumer perspective.

So, if video’s are not apart of your marketing strategy it’s time to jump on the digital bandwagon!

Stand out.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is certainly the case with today’s market. Video marketing can give your business the professional edge needed to stand out from competition. They allow customers to really get a feel for the products and/or services. Try a promotional or explainer video to get the word out about what your business has to offer. 

Give insight.

When attracting new customers this is where video marketing is most advantageous. Video’s give your customers visual insight into your companies core values and vision, acting as a ‘trailer’ to your overall business philosophy. A combination of graphics, sound and imagery can reflect your company’s culture and attitude. Our creative team exemplified this through RooCreate’s introductory video seen below.  

Be discovered.

A marketing video generates leads for new audiences to discover your business. Viewing video content online is ideal for welcoming potential customers to your website and increases the chance of your products or services being searched. The type of video content must be entertaining and informative, showing off your best assets and expertise.

Become inspired.

At Rooland we offer video content using a range digital formats and social media platforms to not only promote our branding, packaging and design services, but also educate and inspire like-minded eco-friendly consumers about making positive change through sustainable communities.

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