Nobody wants to look silly by asking the wrong kind of questions, particularly when it comes to logo design in Wollongong. Knowing which questions to ask a designer when creating a logo can be challenging.

Secondly, we don’t want to overwhelm our client by asking too many questions. If however these questions are not asked, then the designer could waste a lot of time designing a logo that doesn’t suit the client’s requirements. Here are some questions a good designer would ask their client before creating an identity.

We will break down the questions into five categories. These include company details, target audience, design preferences, budget and  branding and finally,  questions.

Company details

Before creating a logo, it is important to consider all the details that need to be known about the organization or company you are designing for. Here are some questions you need to ask before you start to design.

•    How long has the organization been in business?

•    What sets your company apart from all the others in the same line of business?

•    What products or services does your organization provide?

•    How big is your organization?

•    What motivated you to start the business?

•    Where do you see your organization in five years or ten years

•    What are the main weaknesses and strengths of your organization?


The types of questions you ask when designing a logo are not just about the logo itself. They are also about the image a company portrays to the public and the overall brand of the organization. So it is important to address these when asking questions that concern the brand. Here are a few ideas.

•    If you are to describe your organization in one word, what would it be and why?

•    If your clients are to describe your company in one word, what would it be and why?

•    Do you have a current logo and what elements form this logo would you like to retain?

•    Why do you want to modify your current logo?

•    How old is your current logo?

•    Why does your organization use the fonts, colors, etc. that it does?

•    Does your organization have a tagline and that need to be included with the logo?

Design preferences

Some clients can’t describe what they do and don’t like when it comes to their logos. To help them clarify their own taste when it comes the things such as their logo, here are some good questions to ask.

•    Where will the logo be mainly used?

•    In your opinion, how can you describe a well-designed logo?

•    What color palettes would you prefer and why?

•    Are there any elements you would like to see in your logo?

•    What are your preferences in terms of typography, icons, characters and the likes?

•    What kind of logo do you prefer and why?

•    In a few words, what is the main purpose for your logo?

Target audience

It is important not to forget addressing the target audience when asking questions about the logo. A focused client will want a logo that is more appealing to the audience than to himself. Here are a few questions that can help clarify all this.

•    Who is your main target audience?

•    How do you plan to focus on your target audience?

•    Who currently uses your services or products the most?

•    What are your primary forms of advertising?

•    Where do your clients live?

•    Which gender are you targeting?

•    What is the average income level of your target audience?

Budget and timing

When asking questions about logo designs, it is critical to nail down details about timing, scope and budgeting. Here are some examples of these kinds of questions.

•    How many initial concepts would you prefer to see?

•    How much money have you set aside for this logo design?

•    Why did you choose this company to do the logo?

•    How many revisions are planning to make once the logo is completed?

•    Apart from this logo design, will you need any other services?

•    Between speed, quality and cost, which is most important for you?

•    Are there any exceptional promotions or events on which the completion of this design depends?

Here are three bonus questions that can help bring in a little more money for a logo designer.

•    Do you know any other person who is looking for a new logo design?

•    Would you like assistance in defining your target audience?

•    Are there other design pieces I can help you with?

All in all, the above list of questions to ask a client before designing his logo is not all inclusive; however, these are some of the most important. Also remember you don’t have to ask the client all of the above questions as they can be way too much. Keep things as simple as you can without leaving out the important details.