At Rooland, we love to work with local businesses who are making a difference in the local community. We understand the struggle of being a new start-up and want to help create good quality local brands that succeed and thrive. Especially when these brands share our passion for the local environment.

One such company is Phyco Health, which was started by Pia Winberg on the South Coast of New South Wales. On the consumer level, Phyco Health creates and sells food and health products made from seaweed. The health benefits of seaweed are largely undiscovered by Western consumers but include many essential proteins, vitamins and phyco-nutrients. However, it’s the efficient farming system that we are most excited about.

The unique local seaweed is grown using South Coast seawater and natural sunlight, both renewable and natural resources. This means that precious fresh water is saved and the carbon footprint per kg of food is drastically reduced. Not to mention, if you’re a South Coast local, the food miles are at a minimum as the seaweed is all grown in the local area.

On top of this, Phyco Health manages to capture CO2, nitrogen and other nutrients that are released by nearby large-scale food production systems, and use them in their seaweed farm. These nutrient resources are then kept within the food chain and their benefits are no longer wasted.

For a business focussed on sustainable production of their goods, it only made sense that they also make sure these products are packaged and designed sustainably too. Which is why they came to Rooland! When we were asked to help create the branding for a product that is not only good for people’s health, but good for the health of our planet, we couldn’t wait to get started!

We worked closely with Pia to ensure we created a brand identity that truly embodied the all-round goodness of Phyco’s products. We chose calming greens and hues of blue to reflect the sea and seaweed. We created subtle and simple seaweed illustrations to portray the quality and creativity of Phyco’s products. As a team, we crafted an entirely new identity for Phyco Health, which is now painted across their product packaging, website and all of their promotional material.

There’s nothing more satisfying for us than working with businesses that are doing their part to help the planet. Helping these companies become better businesses and reach more customers, makes us feel like we’re doing our small part too.


NSW Government stand at the Fine Foods Australia trade show at ICC Sydney. Tracey Myers (left) Pia Winberg (right). Photo by Salty Dingo