Just recently, our Creative Director purchased a new phone, a OnePlus. Long-time Apple fans, the office had quickly become sold by OnePlus’ product features, design and brand. The sleek, smooth packaging design with contrasting white and red colours was not only an exciting purchase, but also an intriguing packaging experience.

The initial customer impression is made within seconds and will likely determine their long-term relationship with that brand. This is often heightened by the expectation of the product itself. The importance of the design, look and feel has become a staple feature for many brands.

A shift in shopping culture has led to consumers looking for exclusive and customised engagement with brands and products. Not only are customers purchasing a product, but also an investment into sensory experiences.

The brand

A brand creates excitement and expectation for a new product, meaning that it needs to be your first focus in any packaging process. With an overcrowded market, getting your products out to potential customers seems to get harder by the day. Ensuring that your business has a solid brand identity and strategy to market your products will be your strength.

The key is to sell your brand before you sell your products.

packaging design

The touch

The choice of packaging material is vital. Traditionally, companies have used quick, easy and cheap packaging solutions, such as cardboard and plastics, mainly to protect their products. With technological advances, environmental selections and customer consumption, the choices are endless. Consider what emotions you want to bring to your customers and how you can relay it through certain materials.

The look

Is the product theatrical, or is it more playful? The look and design of the package greatly depends on your product. According to Adam Lashinsky in his book Inside Apple, “To fully grasp how seriously Apple executives sweat the small stuff, consider this: for months, a packaging designer was holed up in his room performing the most mundane of tasks – opening boxes”. Sometimes, even the smallest design features and elements can create the packaging experience.

Does your business require packaging design to stimulate the senses and create a customised consumer experience? Here at Rooland, we have packaging design experts at hand to help create the ultimate product experience.