Introducing our new staff

We say goodbye to our wonderful Project Manager Inga Skarphedinsdottir, as she travels back to her roots in Norway after two memorable years at Rooland. We cannot thank Inga enough for all the hard work she has done in keeping our projects running smoothly and shaping the business into what it is today. We wish Inga all the best in her future endeavours.  

Alix // Project Manager

We welcome our new Project Manager Alix Tennison onboard the Rooland team. For the last month Alix has taken over the managerial role with great enthusiasm, she has a keen eye for detail and is working to keep Rooland’s team efficient, organised and up to speed. She’s all about having her early morning coffee, keeping active and exploring natures many beauties. Alix is thrilled to work so closely with like-minded women who care for the environment and are determined to make great impact through sustainability and design.

Jessica // Web Designer

Jessica is our resident geek who has a passion for making things. With a degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the University of Pennsylvania, Jess spent the first nine years in her industry writing software from Microsoft. From there, she learned the skills to independently create award-winning software with a focus on user experience. In her spare time, she mentors for iAccelerate and teaches kids how to code and even though she considers herself to be much better at 3d printing fidget spinners than gardening, she enjoys doing both.  


Nhi Hai Tan // Operations Manager

Nhi is our savvy Operations Manager who oversees the workings of RooCreate’s online eco-packaging platform. She is an ambitious young business student currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Management at the University of Wollongong. Nhi has ensured a high quality standard of product production and delivery with her impressive organisation and management skills. Her hobbies include spending time at the beach on a sunny day and enjoying new food venues with good company.


The count down for RooCreate’s launch begins!

It’s offical! Our team is excited to announce the launch of  RooCreate’s website on the 23rd of May.

RooCreate is the revolutionary solution to environmental package design. Our expert team has created an online platform for individuals and businesses to have access to the latest eco-materials and innovative design methods, equipping them with smart, simple and sustainable solutions to eco-packaging. 

For regular updates with interesting eco facts leading up to the big day, keep posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Don’t forget to check out RooCreate’s new website!