Everyone who knows me, knows how much I care about the environment and the ocean. I walk on the beach twice a day with my dog Thor. We love the beach and the ocean. My moto is: “The standard that you walk past, is the standard that you accept.”

I’ve decided to document the rubbish and trash left behind from beach goers from the weekend. For the last two years, I automatically just pick up what’s in front of me and carry it to the bin. It’s second nature. I see so many people walking over rubbish and just ignoring it. Not me! Or my husband for that matter, we both just pick it up and take care of our beaches.

I’m going to pick up what’s left behind, photograph it and then publish it on my Rooland Design Blog.

Here is the photo from today, Jan 5th 2015, the start of my “Rubbish pickup” documentation.
I’m also going to try to weigh the rubbish and keep a tally of what’s been picked up from which global brand. I did notice, there was a lot from McDonald’s and coke cola. I found around 25 cigarette butts, (who does this, smoke then leave butts in the sand?) Disgusting! And tons of plastic, mostly from food packaging, one serve items, junk food mostly.

plastic waste from the beach

Plastic Waste from the Beach

My second resolution is to be more conscience of what I purchase at the grocery store when it comes to plastic and individually wrapped packaging.  I’m going to not purchase any packaged food, in single packs, like bars, chips and other processed junk. I really haven’t bought much in the past but I have bought the granola bars, which I’m stopping now and will make everything from organic foods myself. I’m going to be more engaged in creating my own food from organic whole foods. Lets see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted and have a prosperous and energetic new year!

Happy New Year! Cheers, Suzanne