LISTEN to your audience

A brand is not what you say it is, it’s what the consumer says it is. It’s the emotional reaction individuals feel when they see your brand. As branding genius Marty Neuwmeier explains, a brand is a gut-feeling an audience has when they hear your companies name. For example, big brand names such as Starbucks, Calvin Klein and Google. All evoke a different gut-reactions. It is important to be clear to your audience about your brand’s mission and what promises you make to fulfil their wants and needs.

For example, at Rooland, our mission is to create absolute excellence in design, while upholding the promise of a more sustainable future.

DIFFERENTIATE your brand from competition.

Effective branding gives your business a more competitive edge and a global look. It all comes down to great strategy and design. For example, why is Nike so successful compared to other shoe companies? It is because they do an outstanding job with differentiating their brand.

ATTRACT your tribe.

Community is key. At Rooland we dedicate our time and effort to offer all of our clients an environmental and sustainable option, ensuring that we are doing our part to contribute to a better and healthier community. With a growing sustainable and competitive market, operating a green business is a viable and long-term model. These principles are all represented in our very own Green Guide, which gives businesses an insight into green practices, environmental choices and how to implement eco-friendly options.

EVOLVE quickly, think fresh.

There’s nothing that sells products as well as a fresh and consistent brand image Your company needs an identity that customers can relate to and have a genuine interest in. While you might already have an established brand identity, it never hurts to evolve the brand image throughout all aspects including stationery, collateral material, marketing and packaging. Don’t forget about your brand story. Customers want to know about your company history and what makes you different. This story is your unique selling point and it needs to be nurtured.

Be REVOLUTIONARY – evoke positive change

Don’t be afraid to change the world. Stand out from your competitors and illustrate a picture that your audience wants to be a part of. This will portray your business as forward thinking and ahead of the crowd.


In an ever-changing world all companies rely on innovation to survive. It is important to lead the way when it comes to meeting the demands and needs of customers. At Rooland, we empower our clients to drive innovation through creative processes and rapid prototyping. This enables our clients to be quick and nimble in the market place and test their theories. By doing so, this drives transformation which is critical in disruptive times.