Enticing customers to buy your flavorsome food products is easy if they can taste them before the purchase. But if they can’t out rightly taste the foods first, how else can you get the consumers to try out your product? Simple, just have a well designed package!

Apart from price and taste, packaging is the first thing that catches the eyes of potential customers in Wollongong. So it needs to look good. Apart from this, the package also needs to have the capacity to properly protect, preserve and transport the foods that are stored in it. The labeling and packaging must effectively convey what the consumers expect to find inside and how might benefit them.

Here are some tips for enticing your customers with your food packaging design in Wollongong.

1. The design

Whist fun and creative designs draw people towards a product, a lot can also be said by opting for clear and simple communication. People today are quite knowledgeable about what they do or consume and thus do not want to put into their bodies what they don’t understand. This means that they will check the product’s labels against your competitors for ingredient content and nutritional advice prior to making the all important buying decision.

So do not put off potential customers off by using illegible and unconventional colors or fonts that makes it impossible to get nutritional information. Not only this, imagery that is not relevant to the contents can also put off potential clients. Too inconspicuous and small labels should also not be used as these only make it impossible to read the relevant nutritional and brand information.

2. Convenience

Consumers today in Wollongong are increasingly demanding that a food product packaging offers mobility, convenience and reusability. The reason behind all this is that people are leading increasingly busier lives and thus are favoring products that they can physically grab on the go. This simply means that bulky awkward packaging will not appeal to the masses.

Furthermore, more and more people are eating on the go and thus are always looking for products that will go from the shelf to the oven or microwave. To meet today’s growing consumer needs, a company needs to offer packaging that is easy to carry, re-sealable and can be placed neatly placed in an oven.

3. Sustainability

Being sustainable is very important for both business and ethical reasons. In this regard, making sure your product won’t contribute to the global environmental issues creates a good impression to the today’s ethical conscious consumer. Creating packages that can easily be recycled can help improve your business practices. Go for a portable package design for ease of movement and that can also be resealed for other uses throughout its life.

4. Inspiration

Being innovative and functional is certainly a plus when designing a package. As a matter of fact, a creative packaging gives an impression of a unique flavor while at the same time conveying the packaged contents in a literal manner that is good for selling the product. For example, let’s say you are selling a certain type of a fish. A picture of the fish on a package will portray both the freshness and quality of a product. For more emphasis, the packaging should be airtight, re-sealable and able to be filled with ice for transport so as to keep the fish fresh until it finds its way to the pan!

5. Color

The psychology behind a given color in marketing is subject to many discussions amongst the brands. People are forever asking about which colors best reflect their brands, values and products. Unfortunately, many of these people do not consider how the chosen colors appeals to the target market.

According a well known packaging designer, here is a guide with some info graphics that depict the emotions that people generally feel when looking at the flowing five colors when put on a packaging.

• Pantone blue: This color brings emotions such as peace, tranquility, intelligence, fear, loyalty, security, trust, masculinity and coldness.

• Pantone green: Emotions associated with this color include freshness, money , healing, environment, fertility, envy, guilt, earth and new

• Pantone turquoise: This color is associated with emotions such as sophistication, spirituality, protection, healing, envy and femininity.

• Pantone yellow: This color depicts irresponsibility, being unstable, happiness, warmness, brightness, joyfulness and intellectuality

• Pantone white: This color makes people to feel innocent, pure, fresh, clean, good, isolated, empty, pristine and easy going.

So before choosing a color for your packaging, consider the kind of a feeling you want your consumers to have. If for example you are selling a fresh salad, then the most appropriate color to out on the package id green, blue or even yellow. Grays, metallic and browns won’t work in this case.

6. Language

If you are selling products such as foods in Wollongong, you will want to use a language that conjures the sensory and taste impact of the product you are selling. So using terms such as spicy, fragrant, refreshing, delicious, etc., on the package is highly recommended as it gives the audience an idea of what to expect.