Green businesses are on the rise. The concern about protecting the planet from unnecessary waste has become a norm in today’s society, which places more responsibility on businesses to do their part. There is no doubt that adopting sustainable practices in the office or eco products and services can help pave the way to prosperous future, not only for the environment but for your company.

“84% of global consumers already seek a positive environmental and social commitment from their preferred businesses”

Tom Permatteo, CEO of the Green Business Bureau

With a growing market of eco-conscious millennials it is not surprising that trust in a businesses social and environmental practices has become a huge part of consumer loyalty. Here are three ways you can create a green business. 

Rooland Green Guide  

Rooland is well known for taking a green path when seeking ecological, social and economical conscious options. It is our green business philosophy to be a corporate role model in lessening the carbon footprint. We offer a Green Guide making it easier for businesses to reduce waste and obtain an eco-friendly profile. Download our free copy here.


Use less plastic | Celebrate Earth Day 2018

With Earth Day coming up on the 22nd of April, it is a perfect time to encourage your co-workers to make and participate in sustainable choices. This year’s Earth Day focus is on ending plastic pollution, which involves eliminating single use plastics along with regulation for the disposal of plastics.  

Our commitment to this environmental issue is evident through the recent development of RooCreate’s online eco-packaging platform. We strive to provide recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging and design, as well as offering a variety of plastic free bags and pouches. 

Running a green business is a powerful tool for creating and leading positive change; for more information and inspiration on how to implement sustainable practice check out our 10 green businesses ideas to incorporate in 2018.

Local drop off stations 

Choosing the right recycling methods for your green business is a good place to start. Organising a local drop off station where all employees get a chance to off load collected items is a positive way to expose your business as sustainability innovative.

Here are a few useful approaches that we suggest:

  • ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ is a great innovative which helps businesses collect and recycle printer cartridges in a correct manner.
  • Battery collection services are available at a number of major retailers within your local community. These include Officeworks, IKEA and Battery World, just to name a few. 
  • ‘Zero Waste Box Platform’ is a free program run by TerraCycle  to help collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. Box’s are available to purchase at Australia Post and Offliceworks. 
  • Donate tech waste to not-for-profit organisations such as Sort Recycling, who refurbish working computers for locally disadvantaged children. 

To check locations of other business recycling services visit:

Recycling Near You 

Business Recycling