And now Christmas is here again. The visual, creative and festive season. The streets are decorated with Christmas lights and decorated trees are found in every home with different colours and styles. Home-workshops are started, whether it be to make ginger bread cakes, gifts or cards. And of course presents, Christmas is the prime time for presents. Do you reflect much on why you purchase specific products or the impact your purchases make?

Everything is designed and I mean everything, from chop sticks to magazines to cars. The functionality, aesthetics and demographics are all carefully considered in every single product available for purchase. For example, a poorly designed box of tea that is difficult to open and does not suit your taste-buds would not be an ideal present for many reasons. This is how great design can drive consumerism.

However, not only designers have a responsibility to improve the social world. Another important aspect of consumerism is awareness of ones personal responsibility and power. As a consumer, you choose who you would like to support. Would you rather support a big corporation or a small business, a product made anywhere in the world or locally produced, eco-friendly and ethically made or not? Considering the amount of money we spend on Christmas presents each and every year, if we spend our money on what we believe in, together we can make a difference.

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