As we get ready for Clean Up Australia Day on 5th March and Earth Day on the 22nd April, we wanted to share our passion for the environment with our clients and readers. Sustainability is at the forefront of business innovation, becoming the fastest growing area to operate within.

Our 3-part story on the importance of building a sustainable business, featuring design, packaging and marketing, will not only show you how you can support the environment around you, but also promote good business sense and corporate responsibility. Regardless of your business model, it is fully possible to make a difference without blowing your budget or having to venture into unknown territory.

Design and Sustainability

How does design fit into this equation? According to Business Victoria, “The graphic and web design industry draws on energy, water, paper, inks, solvents and packaging. Designers make decisions that ‘lock-in’ potential environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of their designs.”

A designer has many choices when selecting materials, supplies and resources for their work. Depending on what paper they print on, what vendors they work with and which products they apply will have direct influence on the environment around them. Selecting resources based on their environmental attributes will reduce inefficiencies, waste and negative impacts.

At Rooland, we are passionate about promoting environmental and sustainable design. On 5th March, we celebrate Clean Up Australia Day and welcome all of our clients and readers to join us at Towradgi Beach in Wollongong at 10am to join us in keeping our beaches clean and free of waste. Find out more about the event here!