Developing a new brand identity takes up a lot time and money, which is why brand guidelines are so important in keeping a high standard across all branding elements. However, more often then not a good brand can become cluttered and confusing if strict guidelines are not put in place. Here are 3 reasons why Brand Guidelines shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Consistency for a long-lasting brand

Consistency is key when it comes to having a strong, long-lasting brand. A Successful business makes their mark in consumer minds through repetition of the same logo, fonts, colours, and images. This consistency makes their brand recognisable and reliable to targeted markets. A prime example of brand consistency is Nike. Since Nike’s inception in 1971, their brand and core message has never changed. Take a look at Nike Pro Services which shows an excellent job at consistent branding across all materials. 

How to set standards & rules for your team

Brand guidelines set out specific standards and rules that must be followed. There are well thought out ‘do’s & don’ts’ for using a company’s logo design. These can range from knowing the right order to arrange colours and typography to how to correctly space a logo.

To put it simply, even though you might know the entire workings of your companies brand identity a new employee or hired designer may not. Thus, brand guidelines are crucial in making sure all elements of your brand are used in a correct and cohesive manner.

Well spent Brand Guidelines to keep your brand on track

You have spent time and money on rebranding your company image and you want to ensure that it is used properly across your materials. Brand guideline prevents employees from incorrectly displaying a logo or using the wrong font and helps customers recognise your brand.  After all, a brand is an investment and a brand guideline will help keep that investment prosperous. 

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