Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of online marketing to date. By creating and publishing your own context for the world to view, you are giving potential consumers a sneak peak into your brand identity. Through the use of blogs, newsletters, social media and videos, these methods stimulate interest in a brand. However, it can be discouraging when your content doesn’t reach your target audience.

We want to help you get clever about your digital marketing. There are easy ways to achieve more followers, boost your SEO and improve your content marketing, all with the help of some smart online tools.

Google Plus for SEO

Fairly new to date, Google+ has made its mark as a powerful digital marketing platform. While your Google+ account might not have many followers, it is still seen as a worthy platform to push out content. Without seeming obvious, Google prefers Google+, meaning that your content has a higher chance of being reached on its search engine. The platform integrates across several sites, building a link between your brand and potential consumers.

Scheduling Tools

There are plenty of tools available to support you with your social media posting. If you are running more than one brand, a scheduling tool, such as Sprout Social, is an effective and time saving way to get your content out. By scheduling your posts across your preferred social platforms, your job becomes a lot easier. However, scheduling tools are not available for all platforms, in particular Instagram (see Later as an alternative tool), so some manual work is still needed.


Don’t forget about the trusted electronic direct mail, also called EDM. While you might think your email is already flooded with direct email campaigns, it still remains the most effective method of digital marketing. Invest in a custom-designed newsletter template that you can reuse each month. Make it eye-catching and interesting for your audience, giving them what they want. We recommend MailChimp as an easy-to-use newsletter service, available for free.