At Rooland, our mission is to create absolute excellence in
design, whilst upholding the promise of a more sustainable future.

Who is Roo?

As a child growing up in the Snoqualmie Mountains, on the border of Washington State and Canada in the United States, Suzanne could often be found in “Rooland,” an imaginary world where Roo lived. Roo is the spirit of a cat with nine lives, he can do anything and sometimes he has wings and can fly. Roo believes in the earth and will do anything to make a difference.

Roo lives in a fantasy world of unbridled creativity and Suzanne was his companion as they explored the possibilities of life and growing up through visual expression.

To this day, Roo remains Suzanne’s muse and the guiding force of Rooland.


Rooland Roo sketch

Rooland Ipad  Rooland Roo sketch


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