Going green is an investment. Not only is it a moral change for your business and an influencing factor for your clients, but it will also cut your energy use and electricity bills in the long run.

Going green gives your brand a competitive edge, an eco-friendly profile and a customer advantage. The positives are endless.

Anyone can implement these quick and easy steps to reduce waste and contribute to environmental sustainability. Here at Rooland, we are aware that our actions have the power to influence others,
which is why we have implemented these steps in our personal and private life. Remember to follow the “Three R’s”: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Rooland Green guide on grass background


Paper products make up the largest percentage of the waste stream in most areas. By using recyclable paper and materials, and sourcing vendors that follow eco-friendly practices are simple measures to reduce waste and actively contributing to making a change within your community. Another example is to bike to work instead of driving your car. Not only is it great for the environment, it is also a great exercise for the busy individual.


Businesses often buy supplies in large bulk, meaning that materials and packaging can often be reused. Other easy steps is to reuse old office paper as scratch paper or note pads, offering filtered water instead of water bottles and offering plates and cutlery made of paper instead of plastic. At Rooland, we have implemented a compost and recycling bin in the office kitchen that has
will actively encourage people to act environmentally.


Organise a staff recycling pickup at your local park or beach where all employees get a chance to do their part for the environment. Not only is this a great individual initiative, but it is will also expose your business as sustainably innovative. Another great initiative is the ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ program, which helps businesses collect and recycle printer cartridges in a correct manner. You can even order your own recycling box for your office.

A business identity needs to be reflected in the office space. You spend more time in the office than at home, which is why the same green principles should apply both at home and at work. By implementing easy-to-follow eco-friendly steps, they quickly become an office norm, which creates a positive effect with your employees, customers and investors.

Need more information?

Keep Australia Beautiful is dedicated to reducing litter, influence individuals and advocate for environmental sustainability. Their website offers litter research, environmental programs and information on how to get involved in one of their amazing campaigns: kab.org.au.

Rooland also offers a free Green Guide making it easy for businesses to reduce waste and obtain an eco-friendly profile. You can download the guide here.