ACEIT clothing – business uniforms, teamwear & promotional products has been established since 1988 supplying quality sportswear, promotional clothing and corporate apparel. They have their main office in Wollongong, an office in Sydney and an office in London.

They came to Rooland to do a re-brand of their current image. Rooland spearheaded the creation of their brand, developing a multi-layered identity with sub brands and graphic elements, patterns that are used through-out their collateral materials. We developed a strong strategic plan for their marketing materials, including, stationary, hang tags, swing tags, clothing tags, packaging, bags, uniforms, signage, shipping boxes and their building. With their colours, we worked on a similar colour pallet that invoked vitality and youthfulness.

Aceit Stationary Design Business Cards Letterhead Hang Tags Book

Aceit stationary design – business cards, letterhead, hang tags, book.

Aceit’s vision is to be a global distributor in the team sportswear industry and a leading branded uniform and merchandise supplier in Australia. By making bold design decisions and changing the way they called themselves, created a new culture for their brand. Instead of listing everything they do on their materials, we came up with a new tag line: Our Passion Your Brand, this encompassed everything they do and then some. By opening up their tagline to be more global, it forced them to act more like a global brand. The smaller companies list everything they do under their logo but all the big companies do not, they let their brand speak for it’s self. That’s what Aceit needed to do, act more like a big brand and make big changes.

We guided them through the creation of their lifestyle brand – collaborated on their responsive driven website and helped them with the graphics on their building. This was an amazing project and we really enjoyed working with Gino at Aceit.

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