According to Interactive Advertising Bureau’s report ending September 2014, Australia’s total online advertising spending has a 16% growth from previous year which amounts to $1.2 billion. Similarly, in the second semester of the year 2014, UK has already increased its advertising expenditure by almost 17%, even before the year is drawing to a close, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau.

According to these big numbers across different countries, you should realize by now that creating digital content for advertising is a viable way to go for capturing attention from your targeted audience. With the rise of the social media websites like Facebook and YouTube, most people spend a large chunk of their time on these websites. A smart way to carry out your advertising would be to grab these people’s attention via these popular websites. In this article we will take you through how to make use of the current status of the internet to create awesome digital content online.

Get yourself on the people’s phones

Two Mobile Phones

Most people have their mobile phones all the time with them. They don’t leave their houses without having their phones, they take out their mobile phones at most social or work situations where there is a pause or silence and they use smartphones for all kinds of purposes, from recreational uses to important uses like internet banking. It has become a very personal and customized device to have and as long as you can use your content to reach them digitally via their mobile devices, you should be able to do a good job in terms of advertising your digital content and your brand.

Whatever method of advertising you choose at the end of the day, you need something that is related to mobile phones so that you can reach the largest target audience in the shortest period of time. Then you can reach out further from the mobile phones from targeting desktops, tablets and other electronic devices which are commonly used by people.

Go on more than one platform

Like it was mentioned before, the influence of media and social devices is just immense amongst people. Our target audiences are right now moving from one platform to another very easily with the ready access made for them to do so. They can easily jump from a social task, to a work job, to a personal duty to anything recreational or entertaining. Find the modes with which they are able to make this easy switch and use those to cater to your branding and advertising. And also ensure that you address all these platforms to make your point known as just having them in one particular platform will not make the impact that you would expect.

Do not wait for people to come to you

It no longer works that if you build up your image and branding, consumers would automatically come to you. Even after months of having a concept, building a strategy and setting up your own digital platform full of easy to read information, it is still very hard to grab the hearts of consumers. The internet is a very big place and it is very easy for your information to get sidelined and lost before people see it. Remember that you have to become a constant reminder to people across all their platforms and the spaces where they spend time in for them to notice you and take note of your services or products. It does not come easy, but once you have established that, it is a spot that will stay with you with constant effort put into it, and from there your business would pick up quite fast in terms of advertising and branding.

Make an effort to really understand your target audience

Last but not the least; you need to know which the real group you are targeting is. Make an effort to clearly identify the restrictions of the group, be it age restriction, gender limits or anything else. More often than not, people are not aware clearly of whom they are targeting. Many clients tend to target a group of people vaguely thinking it would bring more returns. However, it would definitely be of more point if you target a smaller, clearer group of people and cater your branding and advertising to them to catch a large proportion of them, rather than vaguely targeting a large group of people and being non-specific with your digital advertising and lose out by having none or only a few of them being attracted to your products or services.

Remember that also, having a specific target group and developing a set of consumer profiles will help you along the way of your brand progression. Think early and plan ahead for the times when your business is going to be stable. Specifying your target group from the start would help you gear your digital advertising and branding along one defined path which will save you lots on money, effort and time later on and prove as an effective budgeting strategy in the long run as well.

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