Instagram has grown significantly as a social media platform since their launch in 2010. With over 600 million active members worldwide and over 100 million members utilising their Stories feature, it is not only a place for selfies and cat photos. Many businesses thrive on Instagram as their main selling platform, in particular clothing companies, fitness gurus and make-up artists. However, there is no limit to what a business can achieve, so take advantage of a versatile platform and make it your own.

Create an Instagram Strategy

What would you like to achieve by using Instagram? Whether it is to increase sales, boost you brand image or attract a larger audience, make sure that your goal is measurable and achievable. Start small, and expand your goals as you go. Nothing is too big to achieve!

Build your Brand Image

Instagram evolves around visual representations. By building your profile and imagery around your brand vision, you essentially create a unique personality. Your audience will expect a certain visual style, so it is important not to stray too far away from your chosen style.

Connect & Engage with your Audience

Check your notifications for likes, comments and new connections regularly. Make sure you respond to your audience with a ‘like’ or even a personal comment. Follow other companies you admire and respect, and connect with them on a monthly basis by linking them to posts through @’s or sending them a personal message. Being an active Instagram user shows your audience that you are sincere and trustworthy.

Need Some Inspiration?

There are countless of Instagram accounts to follow that provide beautiful photography, inspirational ideas and nifty marketing strategies. While the Rooland team has a ton of favourites, we recommend checking out these accounts for endless inspiration.



National Geographic


And of course, we couldn’t resist including our Rooland Instagram feed as a source of inspiration.