Product packaging does far more than serve a protective purpose. It speaks to the consumer, tells them a story, and connects with them on an emotional and visual level. There is a reason why you are drawn to a specific product, whether it be an association, an emotional connection or an identification. Package design and material production has never been more innovative in its creativity and ingeniousness, and we’ve gathered ten amazing packaging ideas that we believe truly hit the mark.

1. Think outside the box

A traditional square box might not be the right direction for your product. Try something visual, even metaphorical, as these pasta packages have so accurately accomplished.

think outside the box packaging


2. Floral power

Who doesn’t love flower power! With any sensual and delicate product, floral illustrations can be a welcoming addition.

floral packaging


3. Work with nature

By focusing on nature-like textures, materials and patterns, such as this skin care company, a product instantly feels organic and raw.

nature packaging


4. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is not only a sustainable alternative, being 100% biodegradable, but also brings a certain touch to the senses. It feels elegant and natural, whilst complementing the product.

kraft packaging chocolate


5. Showcase the product

When the product stands out on its own, you must showcase it. Make the product into the packaging itself, ditching any additional material waste.

product packaging


6. There’s nothing like colour

A splash of colour makes everybody happy, especially when that colour is splashed across your favourite product. Take note of Ethique’s inspirational use of colours, bringing a refreshed and healthy perspective.

ethique packaging


7. Tell your brand story

Packaging has several purposes. It can tell your company story better than anything, especially if the consumer can visually see it before even purchasing it, like these adorable newborn gown and hat sets.

brand packaging


8. Minimalism at its best

A minimalist design creates simplicity around the product, bringing the fundamentals to the forefront.

minimalist packaging


9. Innovation through 3D printing

Innovative uses in packaging is growing by every day, and 3D printing is only the beginning. 3D packaging adds another dimension to the product, altering its purpose.

3d print packaging


10. Sustainable materials at the forefront

At Rooland, we emphasise environmental and sustainable materials above all else. With such a selection of eco-friendly materials and options available, there is no reason not to consider the benefits of its use in packaging.

nike packaging