Branding is everywhere. A company’s brand identity is a vital part of its characteristics and persona, and creates a close bond with consumers and target audience. Growing a business is hard work and time consuming. As a start-up, it is understandable if branding is not a high priority in the beginning. Nevertheless, it is never too late to tackle a poor brand image or alter a brand’s direction.

This care shouldn’t be a one-off service, but rather a continuous management of your best selling feature; the brand identity. We’ve got the facts to turn you into a brand worshipper.

A strong brand sets you for life

When starting up, it’s normal to not have your brand all figured out. Once you’ve gone through the stages of pivoting, you get a better idea of what your company represents and stands for. Creating a brand image from scratch is a journey into your company. It helps you realise your strengths and weaknesses, and places you in front of your competitors in a new light.

Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does…” – Howard Schultz

Not only can your company command a higher price for your products and services, but also the reputation it sits on. Customers need to feel a strong relation to the brands they purchase, which is earned with a strong brand identity over a long time.

Make the choice simple for customers

With so much competition in the market, there’s no surprise that a business needs to stand out. Naturally, customers struggle to find their perfect fit, and are often wary of branching out of their comfort zone.

A brand needs to stand out, quickly. There are several factors that go through a person’s head when choosing a brand, including emotional connection, satisfaction, expectation and habit. By investing in a strong brand identity for your company, you can make the choice easier for potential customers by becoming the obvious choice every time.

Brand investments as strategy

A brand investment is all about strategy. While you might ponder the decision now, down the track you will thank yourself for it. Nobody expects a start-up to use large sums on branding right away, however it is worth considering a smart investment once funds are available. A good brand investment will always pay off, especially when done thoroughly and strategically. Avoid quick and easy fixes, as these only function as temporary band-aids.