SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), along with Google and other search engines, evolves rapidly. It is important to keep track on how to apply these changes and use them to your advantage. By looking at trends that took place in 2016, we can pinpoint how SEO will evolve in 2017.

We have narrowed down our top three predictions of the year:

1. Google is moving towards a mobile-only space

While it was an inevitable trend, mobile use has taken over desktop use in certain countries, and the growth is continuing in others. This drastic shift in technology not only changes the way we use Google and search engines, but it also changes how businesses apply SEO to their advantage.

2. Using ‘Voice Search’ will increase in popularity

While Voice Search is a relatively new technology, it has quickly grown with mobile users. It has increased the possibility of personalised search options and popularity of local searches for services and products. Use the technology to your advantage by narrowing down your focus keywords and concentrating on local search words.

3. Web content is still as important as ever for your SEO

Producing informative, intriguing and high quality content for your website is still a key SEO strategy. Connecting with your readers and sharing your expertise in an engaging way through blogs, web updates and newsletters is a safe and effective way of boosting your online SEO.

SEO can be tricky business, as well as confusing at best of times. If you are in need of some beginner’s info, don’t forget to check out our previous blog entry 10 tips to boost your WordPress SEO. In addition, Rooland offers a full SEO assessment of your business website, including analysis of improvement areas and customised steps to develop calculative and effective SEO strategies, tailor-made for your website.