From 22 – 28 August, we will be celebrating Keep Australia Beautiful week. Sponsored by the Department of the Environment, the week brings attention to reducing litter by ‘doing the right thing’. This year, KAB will focus on cigarette butts, the most littered item across the country.

Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) is a national organisation that aims to achieve a litter free and sustainable Australia. They advocate for environmental friendliness and wish to influence businesses, communities and individuals to educate themselves, as well as innovate and engage with the environment in order to achieve beneficial outcomes.

At Rooland, we practice what we preach, which is why KAB became our ideal partner. Through several Rooland designed social media campaigns focusing on KAB’s achievements throughout the years, we developed a partnership with KAB. We have had the pleasure of working alongside them through many design projects, including a re-brand of their website and online presence, and designing brochures, artwork, illustrations and online campaigns. Every year, KAB releases their Tidy Towns awards, celebrating communities across states and nation-wide in an award ceremony, for which we designed their brochure.

You can help raise awareness by spreading the word about litter reduction throughout KAB week, as well as implementing Eco-friendly practices within your home and office space. Need some advice on how to start? Check out or blog A green guide for busy individuals to learn more.