We’ve got your icon design inspirations!

Icons have come a long way, with more innovative and elaborate based designs seen throughout the years. Icons can be very important for businesses, in particular tech-based industries, becoming a staple for every app. They can also be a great addition to any website, brochure or infographic.

With hundreds of DIY icon websites available, you will easily come across generic icons conveying the exact same thing. The key to great icon design is to look for different ways of representing that very thing.

1. Hand-drawn

Often drawn out by hand at first, hand-drawn icons create a more personal feel and look. Even a crooked and imperfect look goes along with the design style. We have recently seen this exemplified through RooCreate’s new website.

2. Tech based

In the app industry, you need a killer icon. It needs to appeal instantaneously with the consumer, to be innovative and to attract. It needs to stand out from the crowd, but it also needs to symbolise your product.

doo bee

3. Colour & kick

Packed with vibrant colours, movements and a creative touch, colour is all the rage. Make your product stand out with a bright colour, or let the colour accentuate a certain feature of the icon using colour. See this brilliant example for Keep Australia Beautiful and their recycling icons.

icon designs to love