Product launches are difficult to achieve. You need to draw the right customer awareness and interest around the product, as well as maintain that interest throughout the launch period. At times when the market seems flooded with new products and brands, standing out from the crowd can be a near impossible task. With marketing and sales techniques evolving rapidly through the past few years, the aim of product launches takes places predominantly online. This has enabled businesses to take advantage of social media.

Do you want tips on how to launch your brand with a bang? We’ve gathered 4 incredibly easy and foolproof ways to raise your brand profile and create social media buzz around your product launch.

1. Teaser campaign

Teaser campaigns are a great way to give customers a sneak peak into your brand or product. By giving them a preview into what they can expect with a full launch, excitement is immediately built up. Whether you use a countdown clock for the release date, an introductory video or social media hints, it automatically builds momentum and curiosity.

2. Contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t love freebies? Tempting your followers with free giveaways from a new product launch is always an exciting move. The trick is to not over-complicate it, but rather keeping it simple and maximising your connection with users.

Not only does a competition encourage participation from your consumers, but also boosts their connection with your brand. Just try to stay away from generic competition rules that have been repeated countless of times (we’re looking at you “share and like”).

3. Create a #hashtag

When used effectively, hashtags become a sales machine. Viral hashtags get picked up incredibly quickly (nearly as quickly as they disappear) and a business has tremendous potential to grow their followers with a catchy hashtag.

This strategy can at times require an already established brand with pre-existing followers, however there’s nothing to say that it can’t be picked up by any trend online. You just need to be the first to create the social media buzz for a specific hashtags.

4. Get into videos

Videos are all the hype these days. With just a few seconds, you can capture many curious eyes scrolling through their newsfeed. Think of the short amount of time a movie trailer has to convince people to see the actual movie. By creating something truly exciting and eye-capturing, customers will immediately want to know more. But remember, most people don’t turn their sound on when watching videos, so consider this when creating your video.

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