Having a business website is unavoidable. Every customer goes online to research brands, make purchases and keep updated on the latest content. Not only does a great website open up a portal to customers, but also raises your brand awareness, which is what every brand strives for. On the other hand, a bad website will risk pushing customers away and discourage user growth.

Creating a successful and user-friendly business website can be a long and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We’ve gathered a few vital factors to consider before jumping into website creation.

Work with an expert

If you have no idea about websites, then ask an expert. DIY websites might be affordable for the time being, but they can be difficult to master and rarely produce the results that you are looking for. In addition, templates and themes used can be difficult to update once the design starts to grow old. You want to invest in a website that can be customisable and modernised, not one that is completely static.

Make sure you are comfortable with who you choose to work with. There are many people who know how to develop a website, but have little knowledge in the aesthetics and the design of what sells a website and a brand online. A combo of both will get you a long way towards your ideal business website.

Design sells

In order to discover the best design direction for your brand, you need market research. Knowing your demographics and customer personas will help pinpoint exactly what they like and don’t like. We’re not telling you to completely adapt to your customers’ preferences, however having an idea about what they are drawn to will help design a sales-worthy website.

Working with a web designer can ensure that your ideas will be brought to life in a user-friendly matter. A website has to be functional and easy to navigate, and the design has to reflect this. Carefully considering the navigation, having a practical payment system integrated and including an HTML sitemap are examples of that will create a more user-friendly website.

SEO & Content

Here at Rooland, we believe that investing in SEO and quality content is what can make a website great. After all, you want to provide visitors with interesting and capturing material to draw them in and keep them returning. SEO requires time investment, which can be frustrating for start-ups and new businesses. You can hire someone to take care of your SEO or you can work on it yourself.

Are you in need of a website? At Rooland, we offer website designers and developers working alongside, giving our clients the best of both worlds. We take our time and care with every project, thoroughly researching the market and demographics, and capturing the right website for that particular business.