Many of us have brilliant app ideas that we could only dream of releasing. However, those of us who choose to turn that dream into a reality often learn the hard way. Creating an app can be a headache, which many experienced app builders may tell you. Even harder is not knowing about how an app is even built.

With no programming experience, you’ll need to take other avenues to build an app. We’ve created some quick steps to get you launched into the app world, without needing to do any coding yourself.

Step 1. Research

In order to get your app created, you need to do some proper research before jumping onto the idea. The clear reason? Competition. As of May 2017, there were over 2 million apps available for download, most being gaming apps. Carefully evaluate what you want and can utilise when you build an app, as it can cost you an abundance of time and money.

Step 2. Network

While networking has its obvious benefits, it also serves a useful purpose for app creators. You have the chance of talking to people who have real-life experience in creating and building an app, and you’ll be sure to learn a lot. It’s also a great way to ask the questions you need answered, but never knew who to ask.

Step 3. Find a developer

This step can be tricky. While there are lots of developers out there, as a person who doesn’t know anything about app development, it will be difficult to evaluate their skills and knowledge. Consider asking your networking group if they have any recommendations or know anyone who is an app developer. Outsourcing your programmer is also an option, with lots of websites offering quick access to freelancers.

Step 4. Launch

While we are all quick to become perfectionists with our own products and ideas, it’s important to know when to stop and prepare for launch. Whether this is a soft-launch or a full-launch, you need to raise awareness and get people excited about your app release. This can be done by giving them exclusive access to features, free memberships or give-aways.

Step 5. Feedback

Right after your launch, it’s crucial that you gather as much feedback as possible. People often need an incentive to trying a new app, so make sure yours stands out from your competition. You can call on participants through survey forms or email newsletters asking them for feedback, which is generally an effective way of reaching a large number of people.