Every business needs a tool to help them keep track of projects, employees and timelines. Achieving milestones, tracking hours and reporting are all essential features of project management. Not only can time tracking programs improve project efficiency, they can also boost productivity and accountability across employees and team members, ultimately creating a better team.

With so many time tracking software programs to choose from, we’ve gathered our top 4 picks. These programs are both versatile and easy to use, suitable for all types of businesses.


Specifically built for agencies, Mavenlink is a time tracking software that helps get the most out of workers. Providing descriptive reports and data, it gives you a broad insight into project progress and worker productivity. Mavenlink helps you connect with your employees online across sectors. With a built-in Gantt chart, it’s easy to see why so many businesses fall for Mavenlink’s comprehensive features.

Price: Starts from $19 per month for 5 users.


Rooland’s choice of preference, WorkflowMax is an all-in-one project management software with built-in time tracking for employees. Predominantly designed for design agencies, architects, builders and construction companies, WorkflowMax lets you easily manage all your projects, assign tasks and milestones, write notes to team members and access custom reports. Linking up with Xero (accounting software) makes project quoting and billing a breeze.

Price: Starts from $50 per month for 3 users.


Toggl has both basic and advanced features for businesses to choose from. Including time tracking, reporting and budgeting, Toggl is suitable for a smaller business with a more tight-knit team, or a company with a smaller budget to spend on time tracking apps. With a visual design and handy shortcuts, the software is very user-friendly.

Price: Starts from $10 per month for each user (time-tracking and reporting only).


Are you looking for a combination of project management and time tracking features? Write has many options for team leaders to help them keep track of current projects, sort out timelines and delegate resources. With a neatly designed dashboard, you can easily manage projects by assigning them to team members, send out notifications and collaborate with others. It’s suitable for business operations, project management and product developments.

Price: Free use of up to 5 members, then from $10 per month for each user.