Can’t seem to extinguish your startup rut? Do you feel stuck in your business, whilst procrastinating all of those important tasks? Whether you are lacking motivation to continue, or struggle to see real progress, nearly all small-business owners share your frustration. The good news is that you can get out of that rut with a little determination, some free assistance and a good dose of creativity.

1. Get your things sorted

Remember the reason why you started your business? The energy harvested in that initial idea is the key to your motivation. The first vital step to clearing clutter is to get organised. Whilst finding your right business rhythm might take some time, it is never too late to establish proper processes that will greatly assist you with organisation and time-management. According to Business Queensland, “having formalised processes and procedures for your business can save you time and money by increasing efficiency.” These can include customer service programs, online marketing standards, performance reviews and many more, all dependent on what you require for your business.

2. Add to your skillset

As an entrepreneur and small-business owner, you will never stop learning. Acquiring the right skills might seem like a never-ending task, but we like to think of it as a journey. We recommend having a look through government websites for tips, tricks and useful templates, such as With so many free, online tools, you are certain to expand your skillsets and implement practices that take you from idea to reality.

3. Embrace creativity

Get down to basics! Step away from your computer and start writing, sketching and drawing. By focusing on the fundamentals of your business, creativity soon follows. Read inspirational business blogs to get your ideas running. Knowing how other entrepreneurs tackle common startup issues will give you the confidence to face your problems head on. We are loving Smalltalkco and Naomi Simson.

4. Take a break

Sometimes, you just need a break from what you are working on. Don’t look at it as a defeat, but a chance for you to regenerate and come back even stronger. Short breaks are specifically made to de-stress people under high pressure by physically taking them form their work. Remember to leave your emails at home, clients can wait a day or two for a response.


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