Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs.

Designing a brand identity and constructing a logo is a vital step, as is known by all companies. Done right, a brand name is launched as a market leader, remembered and trusted for their services and products. Brands like Nike, Apple & Starbucks Coffee are noteworthy for these exact reasons. Done right, a brand identity can survive for decades, outlasting their competition.

Their common success? Doing it right the first time.

Brand Identity Done Right

Through a quick Google search, you can find hundreds of horror stories about outsourcing gone bad. Whether the logo turned out terrible, the concept had nothing to do with the business or the client did not receive what had been promised, these stories tell us about a common issue.

A design process takes time, dedication and commitment from both the client and the designer. This process is meant to be open and cooperative, with a mutual understanding of the end goal. While both outsourcing vs. in-house design options have their own pros and cons, our team has come across endless of clients who have suffered as a result of poor outsourced design services.

Branding is a Personal Journey

A logo design, as any other design project, is a very personal journey for any business. The essence of your brand image and identity needs to be reflected clearly in your logo. This means that the designer needs to fully understand you and your business objectives.

The biggest problem with outsourcing is quality control. If you stumble across a logo bargain of $69, beware. While the design might be quick, affordable and convenient, there is little to no client interaction, strategic planning and concept creation, let alone creativity that goes into the design process.

Another large issue is the originality of your design. How do you know your design is one-of-a-kind? When working with in-house designers, you see creativity unfold right before your eyes through sketches, drawings and concepts that cannot be copied. This phase is often considered priceless, and the end-result can last you a decade.

Nevertheless, if you still decide to outsource your design project, make sure you do your research before hand to avoid any disasters.

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