Graphic design is a fluctuating industry, but with the top design trends of 2017, you will be able to amp up your brand image. While some design trends quickly fade away, others make a lasting contribution to brands and products. Whether you are looking for brand inspiration or simply want to keep up with current design trends, this is a great place to start.

Want your brand to stand out? Take note of these design trends of 2017 to embrace now.

Daring colours

Bright, vibrant, vivid! These all describe the colours in focus right now. Think hot pink, fiery orange, deep purple and tough teal. Colours help bring a sense of life and lift up certain brand features, whether it may be a website, collateral materials or advertising. Just make sure your colours match together in the setting you are applying them to. The Pantone Instagram feed is a true inspiration to the use of colours.

design trends of 2017


You might have seen some of these interactive photos pop up on your social media feed. They are not your common GIFs, but rather emulate a photo with a single, continuous movement of some sort. For instance, coffee pouring, a swirling wine glass or cascading waterfalls. This brings in a realistic element that easily captures the eye.

design trends of 2017

Loud & bold

The bigger the type, the better. This trend features bold fonts in strategic manners across web and collateral. While it’s easy to read, it also grabs the reader’s attention, signaling an important headline. No longer just for newspapers, this trend can be used for brands across advertising avenues.

design trends of 2017


A rise in graphical illustrations across web and app design creates a playful and interactive user experience. It can be a brand’s feature or the centre of attraction, and it can be used to invite users to participate or simply admire. Check out the 2016 annual report from Mailchimp, an ode to the use of playful illustrations.

design trends of 2017

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