A call to action is the essential sales tool that speaks for itself. Do you want people to sign up to your newsletter, read your blog or purchase your products? Then you need an effective and noteworthy call to action that draws in your audience. However, it’s not as simple as adding a button and asking people to click it, otherwise everybody would be doing it.

Call to Action

Also known as a CTA, a call to action is an instructional message that prompts people to act immediately. Whether it be asking users to download your eBook, subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your product, a successful call to action will convince users to act upon your request. We’ve narrowed down our top five steps to creating a better CTA for your website:

1. Simple and effective

Sometimes, the simplest can be the most efficient. Take note from Dropbox and their short call to action “Sign up for free”. Without any distractions on the page, the user is automatically drawn to its simplicity.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.02.46 AM

2. Click-worthy copy

Grab user’s attention by using click-worthy phrases and words that not only entice them to click, but also raises their curiosity. Personalise your call to action, similar to the Humboldt County’s website.

call to action

3. Design matters

Ever wonder how the design of a Call to Action button can make a difference? People are drawn to eye-catching design, and your call to action should be no exception. The size should also be large enough to draw attention, but not too big to take over your website. Integrating colours, fonts and elements also helps capture people’s attention.

4. Don’t forget your copy

Does your call of action need a short description or a captivating title? It’s important to emphasise what your users are receiving, clearly highlighting the value of your package or product.

5. Testing is vital

While many of these strategies might be useful for some businesses, they might not suit yours. Testing and reviewing is always a crucial step for any brand, and there’s no exception for your website.

Rooland has it’s own version, as shown below. Does it catch your attention?

rooland newsletter signup

Need some further ideas? Check out Hubspot or Wordstream for some great examples.