Here at Rooland, we like to celebrate all of our team’s achievements, from small to large, and this month is no exception.

Inga started at Rooland in May as Project Manager. While there was a lot to learn at first, she has taken on the role and become an essential team member. Over the past three months, Inga has been working on improving time management, developing client relations and expanding Rooland’s brand identity. Inga has some exciting plans for Rooland and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We are excited to announce Rooland’s newest team member, Ana Ribas. Originally from Argentina, Ana worked as a graphic designer in her home country, but has now settled in Australia. She is inspired by patterns, flowers and illustrations, with a keen eye for design. Clients will love her for her artistic designs, injecting colours and creativity throughout her work.


Rooland team member Ana Ribas

Come into Rooland and meet our new team members!

Team photography by Jack Cuthbert.