According to Lauren Miller & Stephen Aldridge in their book, Why Shrink-Wrap a Cucumber?, “sustainability, in the context of the environment, is the ability to replace the resources used in a product’s manufacture, and so ultimately make a neutral or positive contribution to the environment”. Packaging undoubtedly plays a critical role in global warming. The relationship between sustainability and packaging is critical, meaning that they have to work together in order to function properly. However, the question is how to achieve this in a way that benefits everyone; the supplier, the consumer and the environment.

Sustainable Packaging Trends

Product packaging has always evolved around two main features; its functionality and the customer experience. With the influx of environmental packaging materials and supplies, these essential features ought to be enhanced.


The environmental package trend is on the rise, with the US and Europe becoming leaders of the sustainable movement. With packaging, there are simple steps you can take to improve your business’ sustainability and enhance your customer’s experience:

  • Design with reuse in mind, similar to carrier bags, which have become an extremely popular alternative to plastic bags.
  • Use recyclable material to create new packaging, which has by far become the easiest method for many manufacturers and companies across the world.
  • Take use of materials such as moulded pulp from paper, palm or bamboo, biodegradable plastics and bio-plastics.
  • “Less is more” is a fitting term to describe packaging with reduced content and empty space.

Brand Identity

Remember, brand identity and design does not have to be compromised. If anything, a move towards sustainable packaging materials will only complement your customer’s experience.


Thus, a business not only benefits from improving the environment by implementing eco-friendly packaging, but also creates a sustainable corporate responsibility and a moral compass, forming a trustworthy and charitable brand appearance.

Rooland is currently in the process of developing new Eco materials and design processes for our clients, helping them introduce sustainable packaging alternatives in a simple and effective way.

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