WordPress is the optimal website builder, but only with the very best plugins can a website go from average to extraordinary. Being big advocates for WordPress, the Rooland team knows how versatile and beneficial WordPress plugins can be. They can do anything from protecting your website and upgrading security to optimising your SEO. Whilst there are over 50,000 plugins and counting available to users, we have narrowed it down to our top four picks for this year.

1. WP Smush

Is your website image heavy? Then WP Smush is the one for you. It lets you optimise the size of your photos without diminishing their quality, a near impossible thing to achieve for most websites. The plugin also saves space on your website, improving the overall loading time of your pages. There is no need to lose the quality of your photos just because they take up a large part of your space.

2. SEO Yoast

Every website needs a search engine optimisation (SEO) tool that actually works. SEO Yoast guides you to improving your ranking results for each web page. With a complete analysis of titles, keywords, images and links, it provides you with a list of SEO suggestions. Writing web page content has never been easier.

3. Social Icons

Nowadays, your social media platforms are almost as important as your website, which means they must be visible and accessible from your website. With this plugin, you can place all of your social media icons on your website, simply linking them to the correct URL. You can even resize the logos, change the background colours, and drag and drop wherever you see fit.

4. Akismet

Do you feel that you receive too many spam comments on your blog entries? Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that automatically checks all comments, filtering out any spam. The plugin also provides a status history for each comment blocked, which gives you full control to go over and review them yourself.

Are you interested in installing any of our top picks for the best plugins for your website? Contact Rooland today to get the most out of your WordPress website.


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