Have you ever wondered what it takes for designers to create a brilliant logo or a website design from nothing? There is a comprehensive timeline from beginning to end of a project, and many creative impulses to explore.

A client approaches a design firm with an issue to solve. Whether it is a lack of customer engagement, stagnation of growth or an outdated brand, the mission is to provide the best solution available to the client. In order to reach that solution, several crucial design stages are taken. A proper design process creates a final product that sends out the correct message and reaches the right audience. Here’s a sneak peak into how our designers work from sketch to design.

1. Exploration

The initial stage begins with research and brainstorming. It also involves asking a lot of questions, so it’s important to establish a dialogue with the client to fully understand what it is they are looking for. In addition to exploring the current market, reviewing competitors and target audiences, designers aim to get an in-depth insight into the brand identity.

2. Sketch to Design

Going back to basics is often the best way to begin a comprehensive and complicated process. Sketching is a vital part of a graphic designer’s day. It helps them explore options and opportunities with certain ideas, develop design concepts and broaden their creative horizon. There are many issues to solve and steps to take before a sketch becomes reality, however it’s a great first step towards a visual design concepts.

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3. Design Developments

Once the design concepts have been developed, they are refined and modified. Depending on what the client is after, this task varies in time and scope. This is a vital stage where the client has the opportunity to review the design concepts and provide any feedback. While designers and their clients might not always be on the same stage, an open dialogue will lead to a mutual ground on final design decisions.

4. Finalisation

After a few concluding refinements and alterations, the design is finalised and handed over to the client along with all final files. A follow-up stage might also be included, depending on the requirements of the client and whether any brand assistance is needed.

The process from sketch to design is, as you can tell, extensive, but also an incredibly exciting process for both designers and their clients.