Rooland is a small team of people committed to making big changes for the good of the planet. We are very passionate about the ocean and the environment, with the Rooland office just a quick walk from Towradgi beach for a swim or surf during lunch. So it only seemed natural for Rooland Design to team up with Surfrider Foundation Australia, to bring social awareness to their organisation and several issues they promote.

At Rooland we are acutely aware of the impact our work has on the environment and we work hard to stay at the forefront of sustainability and environmentally friendly designs. That is why, Ban the Bag is so important to us. How many times do you go shopping and notice the wastefulness of plastic bags? Plastic bags are only used between the grocery store and your home, why not get a bag that can last and you can re-use it, week after week?

The amount of plastic waste makes us feel sick. It is very easy to bring your own bag to the grocery store, market or wherever you shop, and if you do forget your re-usable bag, just buy a new one. The usability of a cloth bag is endless, you can store anything in them. Additionally to the environmental benefits of bringing re-usable bags are the positive example you set for the next generation

Surfrider supplied us with three beautiful photographs of a surprising amount of plastic waste in the ocean, making it easy for us to spread the message of banning plastic bags. We designed multiple images that we rolled out on our social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. This created a fair bit of attention to a case close to our hearts. We appreciate the opportunity of being able to collaborate with Surfrider Foundation Australia and to be able to contribute to a cleaner ocean and world.

The Surfrider Foundation movement started in California and has grown to 18 countries around the world. If you would like to join, go to

 Ban the bag surfrider foundation

Surfrider event at Cottesloe Beach – Ban the bag surfrider foundation