Every business comes to a stage where rebranding is considered. You might have changed your business direction or your current market has dramatically grown. Rebranding is not only a strategy, but the foundation of which your company lives on. Thus, you want to do it right. Rebranding can do wonders to a tired brand image or a forgotten company. By giving it new life and a breath of fresh air, intrigue and curiosity will follow, which often translates into growth.

We’ve gathered the three most common, and crucial, moments where rebranding might be a necessity for a brand.

1. You’re in need of a new brand image

While this particular reason might be self-explanatory, there is a real need for businesses to capture their brand identity. Your original brand image might have only been done on a very tight budget, which would not have given you the possibilities of a thorough branding process. As a company grows, the brand identity becomes more important to its audience. A rebranding process will bring back the purpose of your business and reinstate its importance in the market.

2. Your business has drastically changed

Has your company direction changed or have you adopted new products and services? Then you might need to consider whether your brand image is still relevant. It’s crucial for your audience to relate with your brand and feel they can connect to it at some level. If your brand doesn’t represent what it did before, then a new brand identity might be key.

3. New competitors are flocking the market

Has the market become overcrowded with new businesses, while you struggle to deal with the incoming competition? There’s a solution to that. Rebranding brings your business back to centre stage, reminding consumers of your presence and importance. It can inject curiosity and excitement to the market, and give your business new ideas to adopt. This process won’t only make your business more competitive, but will also make it stand out like no other.

Are you considering rebranding your business? Do it right and contact Rooland. With over 25 years of experience, we know how important a rebranding process is, and we take our time to learn about your business.