Green businesses are on the rise. As environmental issues become big talk, green business ideas are growing and being taken up by big businesses around the world. Not only is it good for a company’s image, but also creates a sense of purpose for customers and employees.

We’ve gathered some easy green business ideas that anyone can undertake. Make 2018 your green business year and commit to changes that will make an impact.

1. Buy less

Simply put, buy less for your office and personal life. Influence others to live a bit more uncluttered.

2. Coffee cups

You can buy custom-branded keep cups for the whole office, and even for customers. A great way to reduce the common waste from coffee cups.

3. Eco paper

Purchase recycled paper for the office, and try to limit the amount of printing by sticking to electronic documents.

4. Farmer’s Market

Provide fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmer’s market to your staff. Not only does it support small businesses and local produce, but also helps reduce packaging waste.

5. Waste management

There’s always room for a compost bin in every office area. Use a nearby garden to grow a veggie patch with the compost, a great business initiative to involve everyone in.

6. Beeswax

Swap out the old cling-wrap with beeswax wraps. They are reusable and keep your food as fresh as any plastic would, all eco-friendly.

7. Leftovers

Bringing your own food can reduce the waste of going out at lunch time. It’s also a lot cheaper, and who doesn’t have leftovers to spare?

8. Newsletters

Ditch the old fashioned letters and invitations, and create a beautifully designed newsletter to get in touch with clients and customers.

9. Reuse

Try to reuse items you would normally throw away. Paper can be reused for sketching or writing notes, boxes for packaging purposes and

10. Shop online

Need to purchase something for the office? Online purchasing is better for the environment if the process remains digital from start to finish.